Chinese Journal of Dermatology ›› 2024, Vol. 57 ›› Issue (2): 186-190.doi: 10.35541/cjd.20230536

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Advances in the pathogenesis of rosacea

Liu Tingwei, Meng Xiaoqi, Gu Duoduo, Pan Ruoxin, Zhang Yue, Xu Yang   

  1. Department of Dermatology, the First Affiliated Hospital of Nanjing Medical University, Nanjing 210029, China
  • Received:2023-09-18 Revised:2023-11-17 Online:2024-02-15 Published:2024-02-01
  • Contact: Xu Yang

Abstract: 【Abstract】 Rosacea is a chronic facial inflammatory skin disease. It has been proved that heredity, immunity, neurovascular disorders, microorganisms, skin barrier damage and ultraviolet rays are closely related to the occurrence of rosacea. However, the exact pathogenesis of rosacea has not been fully elucidated. This review summarizes recent advances in the pathogenesis of rosacea in the past 5 years.

Key words: Rosacea, Pathogenesis, Pathophysiology