Chinese Journal of Dermatology ›› 2024, e20230429.doi: 10.35541/cjd.20230429

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Dupilumab for the treatment of five cases of refractory endogenous hyperkeratotic hand-foot eczema

Ding Rui1, Zhang Weiliang1, Li Jing1, Chen Yujia1, Li Junying2   

  1. 1Tianjin University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Tianjin 301617, China; 2Department of Dermatology, Tianjin Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine Affiliated Hospital, Tianjin 300120, China
  • Received:2023-07-28 Revised:2023-10-21 Online:2024-01-29 Published:2024-02-06
  • Contact: Li Junying
  • Supported by:
    National Natural Science Foundation of China (81972962); Science and Technology Project of Tianjin (18YEZCSY01090)

Abstract: 【Abstract】 Endogenous hyperkeratotic hand eczema, as a chronic inflammatory disease, is difficult to be cured, and to be controlled by traditional therapies. In this article, dupilumab was used in 5 patients with endogenous hyperkeratotic hand (foot) eczema, who exhibited poor response to traditional therapies. The results showed that dupilumab could rapidly improve skin lesions and relieve itching, with high safety and marked efficacy.

Key words: Biological agents, Eczema, Dupilumab, Endogenous hyperkeratotic hand eczema