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Guidelines for the management of chronic pruritus (2024)

China Dermatologist Association   

  1. China Dermatologist Association
  • Received:2023-12-15 Revised:2024-02-24 Online:2024-05-15 Published:2024-04-30
  • Contact: Hao Fei; Wang Fang; Song Zhiqiang;;

Abstract: 【Abstract】 Chronic pruritus is a common symptom of various diseases, causing severe negative impacts on patients′ quality of life. Due to its complex pathogenesis, etiological diagnosis and treatment are often challenging. To improve the understanding of chronic pruritus among Chinese clinicians and to standardize diagnosis and therapeutic practices, the China Dermatologist Association organized experts in China to update the classification, etiology, and pathogenesis of chronic pruritus based on the "Guidelines for the Management of Chronic Pruritus (2018 edition)" , current research status and progress in China and other countries, as well as extensive consultation with experts in China through the Delphi method, aiming to provide expert opinions and evidence-based medical guidance on the etiological diagnosis and treatment of chronic pruritus.

Key words: Pruritus, Diagnosis, Therapeutics, Case management, Chronic pruritus, Etiology, Guideline